About BK12

The Baker’s Dozen is a personal endurance project by Edwin Lee and David Ofori-Amoah. The challenge is to run thirteen half marathon races in twelve months. The purpose of the project is to uncover and learn about the reasons that inspire people to run.

We value experiences that enrich our lives and challenge our abilities. The BK12 project holds us accountable and reminds us to make time for the things that matter most. We hope this project inspires you to do the same!

Talk less. Do more. See you at the finish line!

Collaboration + Press Inquiry

We’re always looking to collaborate with runners, designers, race organizers, and local businesses. If you would like to use our photography or want to learn more about Ghost Lab and The Baker’s Dozen, drop us a line.

Creative Team

Edwin Lee
Visual Design, Editorial, and Running

David Ofori-Amoah
Photography and Web Design